Local Utility Companies

City of Minnesota Lake Water and Sewer - 507-462-3277

City of Minnesota Lake Garbage Collection  – Garbage is picked up every Thursday; please have your bins out by 8:00 a.m.  You do not need to put out your bin every week if your bin is not full.  Extra garbage bags (yellow) are sold at City Hall on Main Street. Dumpsters are available for Remodeling or Clean Up…(Note:  No shingles or electronics are allowed)

Northwest Natural Gas-1-800-367-6964 or 507-524-4103

Xcel Energy- 800-895-4999

Bevcomm (Telephone, Cable and Internet)-462-3444

CFS (LP or Fuel Oil)-462-3315


City of Minnesota Lake

103 Main St. N.
PO Box 98
Minnesota Lake, MN 56068
T: 507-462-3277
F: 507-462-3438