The Minnesota Lake Ambulance is in dire need of volunteers for day or night shift. In small towns such as ours, where a large percentage of the residents commute to other towns, the situation almost becomes desperate. Please consider the possibility of taking the required training to keep our ambulance alive and serving the local area. In the summer of 2002 a new ambulance was purchased. This purchase was necessary to better serve the people of the Minnesota Lake Area. The City of Minnesota Lake, over the past nine years, had reserved $33,000 toward this purchase. The Minnesota Lake Fire Department Relief Association donated $20,000; The Minnesota Lake Ambulance service donated $26,125; and the Wells VFW, Minnesota Lake Legion, and Heather Curling Club donated a total of $3,500.

Minnesota Lake Ambulance has sixteen individuals dedicated to serving the community.
Captain: David Radtke
Privacy Officer: Samantha Lemmon
Secretary: Jenny Adams

We provide care that is Basic Life Support (BLS), but we have gained additional training to use a defibrillator for heart attacks, administering glucose and epinephrine through shots for emergency purposes, use of a nebulizer for respiratory emergencies and to give nitro for angina and heart emergencies with the help of our Medical Director. For our primary service area we average around 70-75 calls a year. We provide our services to the Mapleton Community Home also. As a dedicated team we meet monthly. All of our EMT’s must keep their training current by attending classes throughout the year. We attend health conferences in our community and surrounding communities, teaching students basic first aid. Once a year with the help and support from the people of Minnesota Lake we hold a Soup and Pie Supper, to raise funds for our squad. At the supper we open the doors of our ambulance for anyone to walk through and see. We also offer free literature and blood pressure readings to anyone interested. Region Nine also partnerships with the Minnesota Lake Ambulance, and gives us administration support, materials, education, and financial support in the form of grants. We serve our community and our community supports us. With being a small rural community we encourage anyone interested to participate by becoming members. We always can use the help. We have incentives like paid daycare while on a call, and a small bonus for the time that you spend volunteering for the ambulance while being on call. Become a part of a great organization, “The Minnesota Lake Volunteer Ambulance.”

Our HIPPA Commitment.


City of Minnesota Lake

103 Main St. N.
PO Box 98
Minnesota Lake, MN 56068
T: 507-462-3277
F: 507-462-3438